Fire Prevention: Smoke Detectors and Fire Watchers

Massive fire can break out at any time, any day. Although there are many ways to prevent a fire from starting, a single mistake could burst something down into flames.

Smoke detectors help prevent flames by detecting smoke, even from the smallest flames. They are one of the most reliable signals that a fire has started. There are three main types of smoke detectors.

First is the Ionization smoke alarm; it detects smoke by recognizing smoke particles that are typical of fast and flaming fires. It is the most sensitive of the three since it can cause false alarms by detecting smoke from cooking or steam.
Second is the Photoelectric smoke alarm; it detects smoldering fires that produce a lot of smoke even if there is less to no flames. False alarms may result from the accumulation of dust inside the unit.
The third is the Dual sensor smoke alarm; it combines both the Ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms.


There are a lot of resources where you can find materials for extinguishing a fire. Several videos and articles on the internet that can help you become knowledgeable about how to effectively extinguish a fire. Some companies and organizations that provide Fire Watch Services will help you in the prevention of fire, guarding your properties against a fire outbreak, as well as teaches you on how to become competent in cases of fire.

What is a Fire watch service?

They are a group of personnel that is well trained in fire prevention and extinguishing fires in cases of outbreaks. They are hired to do these tasks in various situations.

When do you need a Fire watch service?


1. You are in the process of installing fire alarm systems
2. Defective fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems
3. Special Events
4. Construction sites
5. Residential areas
6. Hospitals and nursing homes
7. Concert Venues
8. Hotels and restaurants
9. Factories

Fire watch services also offer inspections on newly constructed buildings to prevent a fire outbreak. They too do initial reviews to make sure that there is compliance of the best practices and the state law so that when it is time for the fire marshalls to inspect, there could be fewer errors.

Other services that Fire watch service offers:

1. Identifying Hazards- They can do intensive inspections and rovings and take note of possibilities of a fire breakout or conditions that may increase fire risks so that it can be managed before a potentially devastating fire occurs.
2. Provide logs for authorities and insurance companies- some states and insurance companies requires builders and construction sites to provide records and information associated with fire risks.
3. Equipment monitoring- this way, they will monitor the available fire monitoring system of its condition and functionality.