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How to Choose the Best TIG Welder

After mastering MIG skills, the next step is to purchase a TIG welder. You should note that TIG welding requires a lot of skills to give you quality welds. In fact, it is perfect for welding small welds and thinner metals. Therefore, you need patience and dexterity if you want to be a successful TIG welder. Nowadays, there are different models and makes of TIG welding machines on the market. These are tips to help you choose the right TIG welder.


You should determine the primary requirements when selecting the Best TIG Welder AC/DC. In this case, you have three options that are 120V, 240V, and 120V/240V. If you are planning to set up your workshop at home, then you should get a 120V TIG welder. It is advisable to get 120/240V for flexibility that allows you to get more power. Do not purchase 240V TIG welder if you are not going to use a household power supply.

Material Thickness

professional welderAlso, you need to determine the thickness of the materials you will be welding. That will help you calculate the amperage of the welder to buy. Remember that the higher the amperage, the easier it is to weld thick materials. Also, you can turn a higher welder down, but you cannot upgrade a low power welder past its limits.

Warranty and Budget

You need to consider the cost of the welder. Remember that TIG welders are not cheap, but you will be paying for the quality results. Therefore, it is advisable to go for brands that have been tested. Also, consider the warranty as it protects your purchase if something wrong happens.

Multi-Process or Only TIG

When you purchase TIG welder, some machines can allow you to carry out a wide range of welding applications, including stick welding. Therefore, depending on the equipment you purchase, you should consider a multi-process welder as a perfect option.


You should note that weight is an important aspect of you want to use your welder in multiple places. Ideally, it would be great to get a machine that is easy to move around. Some machines come with a cart that makes it easier to transport.

Duty Cycle

This refers to the length of time that you can weld continuously without worrying about overheating. In most cases, TIG welders have a 20% duty cycle, and they can be operated for 2 minutes at 200A with an 8-minute cooldown period.

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Advantages of Cameras

Cameras are optical instruments that people use to record moving pictures or take still images. The images are stored in tangible mediums like on photographic films or digital grids. The device consists of a lens and a body. The body can also be a mobile phone. One of the earliest commercially built is the daguerreotype camera. The device was an invention from Alphonse Giroux in the year 1839. From that time up to now, the technology and devices have significantly advanced, making things more interesting and exciting. Here are some of the basic benefits of having a camera.

Creation of Visual Content

video call
Nowadays, it is close to impossible to find an individual who does not own a camera or a smartphone that doesn’t feature a camera lens, if not several. Accessibility to cameras has made it possible for people to take pictures or record visuals of memorable events. It’s not hard to log in to any social media platform and quickly spot a picture of a wedding, honeymoon or graduation event, just to mention a few. The fact that mobile phones currently come with built-in cameras makes it easier for everybody to create visual content for whatever purpose.

Improved Communication

Away from the sad news, cameras have also come a long way in changing how people communicate using phones, computers or tablets. Innovations such as the selfie camera have made an impactful change in the way we communicate. For instance, mobile phones can now be used for real-time video calls in case you feel like having a “face-to-face” chat with someone. Such tech has made it easier for people to talk and hold business meetings even when they are nations apart.

Evidence Collection

accident pics
Although some may view it as inhuman, smartphone cameras are often used in times of tragedies and horrific scenes to capture the bloody and brutal images. It is yet to be clear why many individuals are quick to take out their phones and record a crisis than any other occasion. However, some of these images have turned out to be useful, especially for individuals seeking compensation or looking to boost their chances of winning an accident claim. Other instances when camera recordings have been helpful is during the Sudanese protests that saw hundreds of people mercilessly killed and beat up by soldiers in the country.


Camera surveillance has significantly helped businesses and individuals boost the safety of their residences. Even if burglars manage to break in and steal some stuff, surveillance footage is enough for the police to use in tracking the culprit or culprits.


Things to Look for When You Buy a Graphics Card for Your Computer

When you spend a lot of time using your computer, you must buy the model computer possible. You should also become familiar with the different part of your computer before you begin to encounter problems. The more than you know about each part, the better, especially if you do not want your computer to be down for extended periods. While each part of your computer is essential for its smooth operation, some parts can make your computer run its optimum capacity when you know which parts to buy. This is especially the case when you are looking to buy the best graphics card for the functions that you do.

Keeping this in mind, here are three tips that you may want to know when you buy a new graphics card.



If your old graphics card is failing or has already stopped working, you will need to buy a new graphics card before your computer can function at all. Since the graphic cards primary role is to display images on your computer screen, you will not be able to use your computer again until it has been replaced. Thankfully, graphics cards are relatively easy to find in your local computer part stores and online. Finding the right graphics card does not have to be a challenge if you know how to determine which cards are compatible with your personal computer. For instance, not all of the best graphics card products are designed to work with your computer. So, you need to know which types of graphics cards will fit the computer that needs this kind of repair.



Another key to finding the best graphics card for your computer involves its overall performance. With so many different classes and levels available today, you need to know exactly which one will give you the capabilities that you need. For instance, if you are only using Word and Excel spreadsheet to do the work that you responsible for, you can buy a graphics card that will at least fit the needs of the average computer user. On the other hand, if you like to play games like Destiny or Fortnight on your computer, you should invest in a higher-end graphics card to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible.



You should make sure that you know how much you will be expected to pay. To keep from being surprised by the pricing today, you need to do a little homework first. This is because the cost of these parts can range from around $60 to around several hundred dollars and more based on the performance that you need.

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What You Can Expect from NordVPN Coupon

NordVPN is not a new name and has been a popular option when it comes to a virtual private network. It serves as a protector that secures the connection that your computer makes with another network. With the private network, you can access any available networks, even if the networks are stationed miles away. Most technology users assume that purchasing a VPN can cost them a significant amount of money, and they end up going for the free version. However, it is where online issues start to appear.

With a NordVPN coupon, you can get special discounts for the same qualities. It comes with a money-back guarantee and other features that will satisfy the users. If you are currently still looking for the best VPN for your connection, below are what you can expect from the NordVPN coupon.

Quality Products at Lower Prices

We all know that NordVPN is a popular option among technology users. However, many of them complain about how expensive the product is and how they cannot afford it. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers coupons that users can use to get special discounts. This way, users no longer need to worry about the price. What about the quality? You do not need to worry about the quality as they are determined to deliver the best network for your needs for stable and secure connections. You can expect seventy-percent off by clicking the site and apply the coupon offered. If you think it is the only chance where you can purchase an affordable yet quality product, you are wrong. The site regularly offers special prices, and most of the offers are in the form of special pages. These pages accommodate your purchase as it directs you to your purchase link.

Secure Connections

What can one get after successfully purchasing and installing the VPN? It is a secure network, of course. NordVPN offers ultimate security for the user’s satisfaction while browsing through the Internet. If it is still not enough for your high standards, note that this product comes with a no-log policy, meaning that the server will not record, track, collect, or save any data or information from your browsing history. This way, you can expect a safer way to use the Internet without having to worry about finding your records in the hands of the third party.

Fire Prevention: Smoke Detectors and Fire Watchers

Massive fire can break out at any time, any day. Although there are many ways to prevent a fire from starting, a single mistake could burst something down into flames.

Smoke detectors help prevent flames by detecting smoke, even from the smallest flames. They are one of the most reliable signals that a fire has started. There are three main types of smoke detectors.

First is the Ionization smoke alarm; it detects smoke by recognizing smoke particles that are typical of fast and flaming fires. It is the most sensitive of the three since it can cause false alarms by detecting smoke from cooking or steam.
Second is the Photoelectric smoke alarm; it detects smoldering fires that produce a lot of smoke even if there is less to no flames. False alarms may result from the accumulation of dust inside the unit.
The third is the Dual sensor smoke alarm; it combines both the Ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms.


There are a lot of resources where you can find materials for extinguishing a fire. Several videos and articles on the internet that can help you become knowledgeable about how to effectively extinguish a fire. Some companies and organizations that provide Fire Watch Services will help you in the prevention of fire, guarding your properties against a fire outbreak, as well as teaches you on how to become competent in cases of fire.

What is a Fire watch service?

They are a group of personnel that is well trained in fire prevention and extinguishing fires in cases of outbreaks. They are hired to do these tasks in various situations.

When do you need a Fire watch service?


1. You are in the process of installing fire alarm systems
2. Defective fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems
3. Special Events
4. Construction sites
5. Residential areas
6. Hospitals and nursing homes
7. Concert Venues
8. Hotels and restaurants
9. Factories

Fire watch services also offer inspections on newly constructed buildings to prevent a fire outbreak. They too do initial reviews to make sure that there is compliance of the best practices and the state law so that when it is time for the fire marshalls to inspect, there could be fewer errors.

Other services that Fire watch service offers:

1. Identifying Hazards- They can do intensive inspections and rovings and take note of possibilities of a fire breakout or conditions that may increase fire risks so that it can be managed before a potentially devastating fire occurs.
2. Provide logs for authorities and insurance companies- some states and insurance companies requires builders and construction sites to provide records and information associated with fire risks.
3. Equipment monitoring- this way, they will monitor the available fire monitoring system of its condition and functionality.

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Tips for Finding a Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

Do you know that mobile app development is one of the largest industries we have on planet earth? Perhaps you have heard about this, but you do not know how. In the Google Play Store, many companies and individuals are busy creating the best mobile apps that can help them to market their goods and services. Apart from business, these mobile apps can help most people in educating them and offering the latest news depending on their area of expertise.

Many young individuals are enrolling into different colleges and universities to gather essential information concerning the technology industry at large, and this has helped them to create more and more mobile apps. But if you want to have your mobile app but you do not know where to start, consider looking for a professional mobile app development company.

Before you start looking and hiring the best mobile app development company, you need to evaluate your needs and identify the need for hiring this type of company. Also, you should educate yourself concerning mobile app developers before making any decision. If you stay in Singapore, choosing a mobile app development can be easier if you already understand more about mobile app development. Here is a guideline that will keep you covered in your selection.

Conduct a Preliminary Research

Research is the primary key to identifying the right company that can offer you the right services you want. Before finding the best company, you should be focused and determined in this process. When you are conducting your research, you are likely to set a proper place in the market and come up with the right niche that can enable you to meet your aims. When you are conducting your research, ensure that you can plan for the market you can cover and set the number of users that will be using your mobile app.

A Glance at the Portfolio

You need to understand that a basic idea about the portfolio of a given company can provide you with a rough estimate concerning the technical depth of your company. Before you come into conclusion, you need to go through some of the completed projects so that they can help you to have an idea more especially about the work capability of a given company. If the company has the required experienced that is needed to create your application, consider its services.

The Reputation of the Company

Mobile app development companies are all over the world, and you can quickly identify the right one depending on the services they offer. When you are hiring one, check for the reputation before making any decision. Follow their social media and online presence to see what their clients say about their services.

Technical Maintenance and Support

Before you hire a given mobile app development company, make sure that you check for the availability of their technical support and maintenance. Once the app has been created, it can have some issues, and you should hire a company that guarantees you immediate feedbacks in case a problem arises.